Thursday, August 8, 2013

Firsts for My Kinder {Five For Friday}

This has been an amazing week over at My First Love's house. My own Little Love, who recently turned 5, has been busy getting ready for Kindergarten. We are exactly one month away from the first day of school!  Well, my little kinder-to-be had a week of many firsts!  I'm including some of them into my Five For Friday. Lots of LOVE to Kacey for hosting this lovely little linky party! I'm using my new adorable Bright Scrappy Numbers from Graphics From the Pond. You can get your own {here}.

We went on our first family vacation to Cape Cod. I am totally IN LOVE. It was such a awesome few days away with my loves. We stayed at a hotel right on the Nantucket Sound. My girls absolutely loved playing on the beach and swimming in the pool. We had New England Clam Chowder EVERY night with dinner. I have never known any other 5 and 2 year olds who love clam chowder, but my girls sure do! My Littlest Love had a little case of droopy drawers most of the time we were on the beach. It was so cute!
When we returned from our relaxing getaway, my lovely mother treated us girls to a day in New York City at The American Girl Store! Oh. My. Goodness. It was completely insane. Every little girl's (and big girls) dream. We had reservations at the Cafe. It was so fancy!  My girls were treated like little princesses as they dined with their American Girl dolls. My lovely cousin graciously passed down her two dolls to my girls when she went away to college. My Littlest Love has a Bitty Baby and my Bigger Little Love has Samantha. Samantha is a discontinued doll, but she is so completely loved at our house.  Here are some pictures from our fabulous day!

Another first this week at our house...
Santa brought my five year old a bike for Chrismas this year. Living on a mountain, we don't really have a safe place for her to learn to ride. After we returned from our fancy feast in the city, we went to Mr. First Love's parent's house. We finally had a chance to start riding that new bike!  Do you see who is buckled into the seat behind her?  That's Samantha in her new outfit from our shopping spree!
Our last "first" for the week...
My big girl learned how to tie her shoes!  I just know her kindergarten teacher is going to love this! She made up her mind one night that she wanted to learn. We practiced for a little while and then called it a night. Her daddy helped her the next night, and don't you know? She did it!  She is now tying everything she can get her little fingers on. We are so proud!
My final Five For Friday is school related. I have been busy finishing the rest of my crate seats this week. Since Mr. First Love cut all the plywood for me, so I made some for his classroom, too!
I also had my first Washi Tape experience. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing...LOL!  I found these cute wooded letters at KMart and found the tape at Walmart. I covered the letters, but now I think I need to do something to cover the tape!  If ANYONE can tell me what I should do next, I will be your best friend!  Seriously. I'm desperate. My tape is already starting to lift off:(
Well, that's a wrap!  Have a wonderful week everyone! I am HOPING HOPING HOPING that the hallway floors are done being cleaned and waxed so that I can get into my classroom next week!