Friday, April 26, 2013

8 More Fridays To Go {but who's counting?}

As I have trained my kids to say during our morning calendar routine, "It's Friday - My favorite day of the week!" If I say that 8 more times, it will be summer vacation!  Can I get a WOOP WOOP!

Friday also means, FIVE FOR FRIDAY!  So here it goes...
Five For Friday

1. Tomorrow is this big guy's birthday:

I can't believe our first "baby" is going to be 7 years old tomorrow. We just love him to pieces. He still acts like a giant goofball most of the time, but he can also be a giant mush. Doggy Birthday Parties in our house always mean the same thing - Carvel Ice Cream Cake. YUM.

2. We had a half day of school on Monday for Parent-Teacher conferences. I scheduled my conferences last week for before school, lunchtime, and after school so I had my Monday afternoon free to work in my classroom. I REALLY wish I would've taken a "before" picture of my supply locker. I emptied the whole things out onto my tables and cleaned it up all nicey nicey. It's the little things that make me super happy. {happy sigh}

3. We are all about our EGGS right now. It is Day 10 of our egg incubation period and we have been busy learning about what is happening inside of those eggs of ours. One of center activities this week involved choosing an oviparous animal and writing a riddle about it. We are going to share them on Monday and the little loves will get to practice their inferencing skills. They came out super cute and I cannot wait to watch them present their riddles to the class. You can pick up a copy for yourself by clicking the link below.
4. I am so unbelievably proud of myself for getting my act together last week and linking up with Jodi's Fly on My Wall Linky Party. It was so much fun to share so much of my day. You can see my blog post {here}.
Fun in First

5. Our school uses the Fundations program for phonics instruction. It can a little, ummmm, boring. I am trying to spice it up a bit. Check out this fun Suffix Sort I created for practicing adding -s and -es to basewords. It's on sale for only 50 cents for the rest of the weekend!
Click HERE for Suffix Sort

Have a great weekend filled with lots of LOVE!


  1. Cute blog! I found you on Doodle Bug's linky! I spent Friday after the kiddos left cleaning and organizing! I got a new (old beat up) file cabinet to try to free up some limited, precious closet space. Must be spring! :) Your What's Hatching activity is adorable! I put it on my wishlist!