Sunday, February 17, 2013

This time I really mean it!

So the other night, my hubby and I were driving home from a family birthday party. We always do our best talking in the car!  He asked me when I was ever going to start putting some files up on TpT. I don't know why I have been procrastinating. I think I have just been very nervous!  I don't like to do things halfway. I am intimidated by the many AMAZING teachers who have blogs that I follow. It seems like an overwhelming task. That's when he gave me the best advice - You don't have to dive off the high dive. Just dip your toe in. So that's what I'm FINALLY doing. I'm going to stop being scared and I am taking that little pinky toe of mine and dipping it in the pool! I am posting my first FREEBIE today and I am super excited about it. I actually created it for Mr. First Love's classroom because he has a cool star theme going this year. I hope you like it!

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