Friday, March 8, 2013

Five For Friday!

I had so much fun with last weeks Five For Friday Linky Party. All week I found myself thinking, "I'll have to remember this for next Friday!" So without further adieu...


1. Everyone loves a SNOW DAY. Getting that phone call at 5am usually puts a huge smile on my face. But not today:( We used up most of our snow days in October during Hurricane Sandy because of the widespread power outages. Today's snow day means we just lost our first day of Spring Break. This is VERY.BAD.NEWS. It is going to be a long rest of the school year! But I guess it was the right call, judging from what I saw when I went to let my puppy love out this morning...

2. Cara Carroll's post last week got me all jazzed up to introduce math tubs. Well, I got a little too excited and tried to do it all at once. My kids LOVED doing the hands on activities in small groups during math time, but we just don't have enough TIME in our schedule to do our textbook lesson AND math tubs. So I put on my thinking cap... and my little loves now have BUCKET BRAIN BOOSTERS. I am having my little loves visit a math tub first thing in the morning when they arrive. Each day, Monday to Thursday, they visit a different tub. On Friday, they complete any unfinished work from the week. It is going great! Looks like I have a LOT of laminating and cutting in my future!

3. Does anyone else out in Blog Land have Spring Open House at their schools?  Basically, it is a night event where students bring their families to school to "Show Off" all of the hard work they have been doing in school. It is one of my favorite nights of the year, but it is SO.MUCH.WORK. I think my classroom usually looks "Open House ready", but I always seem to think I need to change EVERY.SINGLE.DISPLAY in my classroom. My Little Loves have been super busy preparing for their big night. We are writing paragraphs about important people in our country's history, making place value leprechauns, presenting community workers, remembering the first 100 days of schools, and much more. Check out next week's post for some pictures of our special night!

4. PROUD MAMA ALERT!  My own personal Little Love is in Pre-K this year. This week, the hubby and I went to meet her teacher for our Parent-Teacher conference. We got to sit in her little chairs and see her work hanging up in the classroom. Her teacher gave us a GLOWING report and couldn't say enough about how well she is doing and how much she has blossomed this year. Every single skill and concept on her report card was marked as "mastered independently". She even told us that our baby is READING!  Okay, so I already kind of knew that, but I really didn't think she would be reading in school. We are so proud of her!

5. Now it's time for a bittersweet mama moment. My Littlest Love is 19 months old. We turned her crib into a bed today on our unexpected day off from school. She suddenly became terrified of her crib that Sunday after a full year of being a perfect angel at bedtime. We were hoping that converting it to a toddler bed would help. Fingers crossed that tonight goes smoother than the last 5 did!

Love to you all!


  1. I so miss snow days. We moved back to Louisiana from North Carolina. Don't really have those down here. And hurricane day are no fun.

    Hold on tight to your little loves. Breathe in all those little moments. My oldest love turned 18 this week. It's all about college prep now.

  2. We had a snow day this week as well, but there was hardly any snow (not at all what you were dealing with). I hope you don't lose any more days of your spring break! Those are precious vacation days. Aww . . . being a mama is all about change isn't it? Seems like once we get used to something in our kiddos' lives, they up and change again!

  3. I can't even think about college prep:( I'm having a hard enough time with her starting kindergarten in a few months. I just keep telling myself "change is good, change is good..."