Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Breakin' It!

Hello Lovely Teacher Friends!
I am FINALLY on Spring Break. Whew. That was a long stretch!  We have always been lucky enough to have a week off in February after President's Day. This year it was taken away:(  (insert sad violin playing here). I actually feel really bad for my neighboring districts because not only did they have a year without February Break, many of them lost days off os their Spring Break because of Hurricane Sandy and lots of late season snow. My district does a great job of managing snow days and such, so we were able to keep our WHOLE Spring Break. YIPPEE!

Last week I joined a super fun Let's Get Acquainted linky party by Latoya over at Flying Into First. Here were my two truths and a lie from last week:

1. TRUTH When I first started teaching, my principal made me lie about my age. He said that parents would go crazy if they found out he had hired a 21 year old...LOL!
This really did happen!  My first month teaching I was helping at a school event where the community helped to build our brand new playground. It was awesome!  I was screwing in bolts with my principal and a new teammate and my age came up. I thought he was going to faint. He did ask me to never tell my age...he was only a little kidding!

2. TRUTH I was a serious fighter when I was a teenager. I even won a bronze medal at the National Collegiate Tae Kwon Do Championships. 
This is true, too!  My dad, my brother, and I are all black belts in Tae Kwon Do. My freshman year in college I represented my alma mater as the only team member and fought to win a bronze medal. I also won a silver medal at the Junior Olympics .

3. LIE I am seriously obsessed with crocheting. I have an entire closet in my house filled with only my crocheting "stuff".
I don't know anything about crocheting, but I would love to! It looks like it would be a major stress reliever. ahhh...just thinking about it calms me down.

So far on my Spring Break, I have been taking it pretty easy. On Saturday, the family and I hung around the house and even settled down for a WHOLE FAMILY NAP. Even the dog joined in. It was bliss. We went out to dinner at Applebee's and used some of the gift cards our students gave us for Christmas. YUM!

Yesterday, we took an outing to Stew Leonards. Have any of you ever been to one?  It is the world's most fun grocery store. My little loves had so much fun checking out all of the talking animals while I was checking out their YUMMO prepared soups, dips, and everything else you could want. I made Beef Stew in my slow crocker today with my goodies. DELISH! Can you tell I love food?

Today was a day for some schoolwork. groan. I know...I always tell myself I am not going to do work on my vacation, but who can stick to that?  Not this teacher. I am trying to reorganize all of my binders and files. It is a B.I.G. job. 

Tomorrow will be family time for sure. I'll be back soon with a SURPRISE!


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