Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two Truths and a Lie Linky Party!

Hi fellow blog lovers!
As most of you know, I am quite new to the blogging world. I am slowly figuring my way as I go. I have been holding back a bit, because the amazing Christi is busy working on my new blog design as we speak. I am SO EXCITED. Seriously. I can't even take it. Once my new design is up, I will finally branch out into the blogging world full steam ahead.  But I just couldn't resist joining in this great linky party hosted by Latoya from Flying Into First Grade.

Here are my 2 truths and a lie. 
Can you guess which one is the lie?

1. When I first started teaching, my principal made me lie about my age. He said that parents would go crazy if they found out he had hired a 21 year old...LOL!

2. I was a serious fighter when I was a teenager. I even won a bronze medal at the National Collegiate Tae Kwon Do Championships.

3. I am seriously obsessed with crocheting. I have an entire closet in my house filled with only my crocheting "stuff".

Take a guess and leave it in the comments below. I will let you know the answer at the end of the week. Have fun!



  1. I was 21 when I began teaching, so I think that part might be true, but I can't imagine a principal asking you to lie about your age, so I say #1.

    Teaching Fourth

  2. I was 21 when I was hired, so I think that might be true. I am guessing the lie is number 2.
    Learning in Bliss

  3. I am thinking #2, but I don't know why I picked it, lol

    The First Grade Princess